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Long An International Port which has 7 construction phases with 9 trillion VND of investment capital is expected to completed in 2023. With total area of 147 hectares which include 7 wharfs that can serve 30.000 DWT - 50.000 DWT ships and 5 barge docks, Long An International port is one of the biggest seaports in South of Vietnam. At the moment, Long An International Port has completed phase 1 which is worth more than 2 trillion VND. Most of the important equipment such as wharf no.1, 40 ton crane are ready to serve 30.000 DWT ships. Besides that, wharf no.2 is under construction and will be ready in 2017 to serve 50.000 DWT ships. The expected capacity of Long An International Port in phase 1 is 2.5 million tons per year and 15 million tons per year in 2023.