Dongtam Group Master Plan
Initiative in Long An Province

Long An International Port is the flagship project of Dongtam Group’s Master Development Plan in Long An Province.

Long An International Port had its ground-breaking ceremony in 2015. On 24/6/2023 it officially inaugurated its 7 berths, with a continuous length of 1,670m, and container handling capability of 1,000,000 TEU. When completed, the port will have a total of 9 berths, the longest continuous length in Vietnam of 2,368m and capable of receiving vessels up to 100,000 DWT.

4 Areas

Our Port

The 147-ha port area is the key node in the whole project cluster spanning 1,935-ha which includes a 239-ha logistics center, a 396-ha industrial park, and a 1,145-ha residential and urban area.

The four key development areas in this master plan are envisioned to work together to form an industrial ecosystem that will become a hub for the smooth flow of trade in and out of Long An Province, bringing added value to the entire Mekong Delta Region by creating connections within Vietnam and to the rest of the world.

Our port is, therefore, well-positioned to play a significant role in Dong Tam Group’s bigger vision for the region’s development. As a key node that will link all the industries in the adjacent industrial areas in the future, Long An International Port will provide support for the wider supply chain requirements in and around Long An Province.

Furthermore, Long An International Port being privately funded as part of this master industrial ecosystem, provides it the flexibility to adapt according to market and customer needs.

Laip Vision


To become an internationally recognized port of choice in Asia.



To provide safe and efficient multi-purpose port and end-to-end logistics services that will propel continued and rapid growth of our employees, customers, and shareholders while contributing to the sustainable economic development of Long An Province and the Mekong Delta Region.



Long An International Port demonstrates its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency in its operations through the certifications it holds.

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