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As a part of Dongtam Group with 54 years of successful growth in many industries, Long An International Port specializes in providing comprehensive Port & Logistics services. Alongside a professional and dynamic working environment, we have a team of experienced foreign experts and friendly highly-skilled staff always ready to work together towards future development goals. Additionally, the company places great emphasis on taking care of the well-being of its employees through recreational activities and after-work sports clubs to foster a strong bond among individuals within the company.

Join us in achieving our vision of becoming an internationally recognized port of choice in Asia. We are always excited to welcome you aboard – a place where you can achieve remarkable accomplishments in your career.

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Career Opportunities

We always strive to search for potential candidates who desire to develop their careers in the Seaport and Logistics industry. Long An International Port welcomes talented and enthusiastic members like you to join our team as we venture together into the vast ocean of opportunities.

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Dongtam Group: Growing Family, Endless Opportunities

As a part of the Dong Tam Group, which consists of 22 member companies and affiliates across various industries and diverse fields, there are countless opportunities for career development. Visit the Dong Tam recruitment website for more career opportunities.

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Recruitment Process

Long An International Port is proud to have a professional and well-structured recruitment process that provides ideal conditions for candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. We are always seeking employees who can suitably fit our company’s needs and culture while contributing to value creation for our organization.

Submit Job Application

Step 1


Submit your application directly on the Long An International Port website or send your CV to recruitment@longanport.com.


Step 2

Screening/ Formal Interview

The Recruitment & Labor Relations Department will screen the applications and contact suitable candidates for an interview. The interview schedule will be notified directly via phone and email at least 3 days before the interview.


Step 3

Job Offer Invitation

The Recruitment & Labor Relations Department will get in touch with the selected candidates, send job offer invitations, and confirm the starting date. Candidates are required to provide additional documents before the date of receiving the job offer.

Training Programs

Collaborate with training organizations to provide STS and RTG crane operation certification.

Collaborate with relevant agencies to organize annual training programs for drivers.

Annually conduct training classes and issue Occupational Safety certifications for all employees working at Long An International Port.

Employee Benefits

We are delighted to welcome you to be a part of Long An International Port. To ensure your efficient and comfortable work experience, we not only offer exceptional surroundings and job opportunities but also an extremely attractive welfare package. These policies are designed to ensure fairness and provide maximum support throughout your tenure within the company. Emphasizing the value of individuals, both spiritual and physical, is one of the top priorities of our company’s leadership.

  • 3P income package based on performance, regular annual salary increments, year-end bonuses for outstanding individuals; Regular health check-ups; Paid birthday leave; Gifts on occasions such as festivals, founding anniversary, birthdays, Mid-Autumn Festival, International Children’s Day, International Women’s Day, weddings, etc; Breakfast and lunch support; Transportation provided for working shifts.
  • Participation in specialized training courses, soft skills, and management skills. Clear career development paths, opportunities for rotation, and advancement within the Group’s system with 22 member/affiliate companies.
  • Team-building activities, travel outings, and free sports clubs, including the Fun Run.
  • Work tools support: computers, telephone expenses, uniforms, work-related expenses, representation expenses, etc.
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Workplace Culture

With a philosophy that values individuals highly: We believe that the workforce is a crucial part of determining the company’s success. We will thrive when united and mutually supportive in our work. Therefore, Long An International Port always strives to create the best and most conducive working environment, allowing employees to unleash their full potential and foster unity within the company. Additionally, we regularly organize training sessions to enhance the skills and expertise of our staff.

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Laip Internship Program

Internship Program

Long An International Port consistently offers numerous internship opportunities and real-world experiential visits for students. This helps them evaluate and find suitable jobs and work environments after graduation.
We warmly welcome final-year students who are passionate about working in the Ports and Logistics service industry. During the internship period, you will be challenged with real-life situations that will enrich your practical experience, which can be applied to your future work.

To apply for an internship, please submit your application through the Long An International Port Recruitment website or send your CV to recruitment@longanport.com.

Employee Testimonials

Tham Nv Chung Tu Laip

During my time working at Long An International Port, I have always been provided with opportunities to learn and enhance my knowledge and skills from both the practical environment as well as internal and external training sessions. In addition to my own self-driven learning efforts, I have received enthusiastic support from colleagues and superiors, enabling me to accomplish tasks effectively.

What I appreciate the most about Long An International Port is the professional, flexible, and creatively dynamic work environment within the framework of the company’s regulations, which allows me to embrace challenges and take on new tasks and experiences that demonstrate my capabilities. The port has truly created a dynamic work environment where I believe I can contribute my abilities and wholeheartedly work for the company.

With the upcoming development plans for the port, both the employees in general and myself, in particular, will always strive to work together and achieve our common goals.

Ms. Do Thi Hong Tham-Document Officer (International Freight Sales Department)
Vo Thi Hong Duyen Nv Chung Tu Phong Log Laip

Looking back at seven years of companionship and dedication with the company, I have witnessed my positive growth each day in my job. I am grateful to the leadership for continuously improving the quality of the working environment, making it more dynamic and comfortable. Our colleagues always support each other, ensuring wonderful experiences in our work. Besides that, there are bonding activities and entertainment after work, contributing to enhancing the morale of all employees.

I hope to have many more “seven years” together with Long An International Port. We always welcome new colleagues to join the company, where comfort, dynamism, support, sharing, and tackling challenges together.

Ms. Vo Thi Hong Duyen-Logistics Document Staff
Dinh Truong Nhom Giao Nhan Xnk Laip

I feel proud to be a part of Long An International Port because there are many great factors here. First and foremost, it is due to the clear and specific directions and development strategies of the company. Additionally, there is a dynamic, comfortable, and supportive environment for employees through various training programs. Moreover, the leadership always creates opportunities for employees to be creative, to work, to be challenged, and to affirm themselves.

Colleagues are also an essential aspect at Long An International Port – they are friendly, sociable, always ready to share and help each other in both work and life. We hope that with the company’s support, we can achieve even greater things in the future. We welcome you to become a part of Long An International Port.

Mr. Duong Cong Dinh-Leader of Import-Export Logistics Team