Tan Hoa, Tan Tap, Can Giuoc, Long An Province, Vietnam

About Us

LAIP’s Message

Dear customers,

I would like to thank our customers and partners for choosing services of Long An International Port. The BODs and employees of Long An International Port always commit to provide best logistics services for customers and partners.

Long An International Port is the ideal project of the board of management and shareholders with the aim to build a biggest port in Long An Province and Mekong Delta Area. With total area of 147 hectares which include 7 wharfs that can serve 30.000 DWT – 50.000 DWT ships and 5 barge docks, Long An International port is one of the biggest seaports in the South of Vietnam. Long An International Port not only reduces the load for Hochiminh City ports but also helps the provinces in Mekong Delta import and export goods faster and more cost effective than before. Previously, goods from Mekong Delta provinces have to be travelled a very long way to ports in Hochiminh City. Now customers can save a lot of times and transportation cost by transporting goods to Long An International Port which is nearer than Hochiminh City. Long An International Port can meet the growing demand in import and export not only of Long An Province but also Mekong Delta Provinces.

Long An International Port not only provides port services but also related services such as warehousing, logistics, freight forwarding, international multimodal transport…The full-package service of Long An International Port will help customers save time and maximize the profit because they do not have to find sub service providers.

The BODs of Long An International Port believes that human resource is an extremely important foundation for the business. If the people and teams are strong then the company can have a sustainable development. Therefore, Long An International Port aims to create the best working environment for our staffs so that they can maximize their abilities. Besides that, we often open training classes to help our staffs improve their skills.

The satisfaction of customers and partners is the highest measure for the service quality of Long An International Port. Therefore, we always strive to improve and innovate our business to meet the growing demand of customers.

We look forward to continuously become the trusted partner for the customers by providing best logistics services.

Hue Pham, Ph.D –  Chairwoman

Vision, mission and core values

Vision and mission

Vision: Long An International Port will be one of the best seaport in Asia .

Mission: To provide the best full-package logistics and port services for customers.

Core Value:

  • Dedicated to customers: We help customers succeed by providing best logistics solutions and services
  • Social Response: We care & contribute to the community development
  • Committed to excellence: We always strive to improve and innovate our business in order to meet the demands of customers
  • Focused on people: We believe that people in the organization are the most important factor that decide the success of business. We will win as a team by supporting and helping each other.

Organization Structures

Community Relationship

Strengthening the relationship with community

Long An International Port’s Board of Directors and staffs always actively participate in community activities such as:
Donations to help people affected by natural disasters and floods

  • Blood donation
  • Participating in charitable programs to support people in difficult situations
  • Prioritizing the recruitment of local people
  • Supporting the veterans
  • Building roads, bridges for rural areas

Responsibility for education:

Long An international port always attaches importance to developing human resources. That is why we always try to contribute to education as a form of investment for the future:

  • Contributing to local study promotion funds to support poor students
  • Cooperating with universities to receive interns to help them have the opportunity to have working experience.

Long An International Port will make effort to contribute to the development of the community, creating the motivation to change the face of the local community.