The Sunrise 69 V. FR03/2017 shipped 6.600 tons of fertilizer from Fangcheng Port (China) has called at Long An International Port (Vietnam) on 3th of May. The estimated loading time of Sunrise 69 at Long An International Port is from 3/5/2017 to 9/5/2017.

Sunrise 69 called at Long An International Port

Besides that, on 5/5/2017, Long An International Port also welcomed the Ocean Swagman which has the voyage from Australia to Vietnam. Ocean Swagman is the first vessel called at Long An International Port in January. Two vessels calling at the same time is the tough challenge for Long An International Port because the port is currently on the phase 1 of construction and operating with 1 berth. However, with the professionalism, efforts of the staff and experiences in processing livestock, Long An International Port is confident to quickly release Ocean Swagman in just one day and one night, via that still ensures the progress of Sunrise 69.

The Sunrise 69 (Nationality: Vietnam, IMO: 9621065, 106m long, 7047 DWT) called at Long An International Port on 3th of May. Long An International Port not only provides dock services but al so handling and packaging services for customers. Although handling 2 vessels at the same time, Long An International Port can still release the Sunrise 69 8 hours earlier than expected time.

Fertilizer handling services for The Sunrise 69

Mekong Delta with the main products are agricultural products and rice has great demand for fertilizer. Therefore,fertilizer is a potential market for Long An International Port. Fertilizer from Long An International Port can easily be transported to the Mekong Delta by waterway and by road. In addition, with modern berth and large warehouses can help customers reduce the handling time and increase the safety for cargo. Besides that, Long An International Port with strategic location which is between South East and South West of Vietnam will reduce the transportation cost for both customers and shipping lines because vessels do not have to call at ports in HCM City which are overloaded.

On this occasion, representatives of fertilizer import-export companies have come to visit and observe the handling process for the Sunrise 69. They are impressed with the professional and high-quality services of Long An International Port and expressed their willing to cooperate with the port. BODs commit to provide the best services for not only fertilizer but also for break bulk cargo.

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