Tan Hoa, Tan Tap, Can Giuoc, Long An Province, Vietnam

Port Services

Long An International Port with modern facilities and new equipment is capable of handling cargo for 30.000 – 50.000 DWT vessels. At present, in the first phase, Long An International Port is focusing on the main business objective that serves bulk vessels, including:

1.Port Services:

  • Handling.
  • Packaging and tallying.
  • Transporting goods by truck and barge.
  • Sorts of bulk cargo that LAIP is handling:
    • Produce.
    • Livestock.
    • Frozen Fish
    • Fertilizer.
    • Iron and Steel.
    • Cement/Clinker
    • Wood products
    • Others.

2. Warehouses inside and outside the port

3. ICD/Depot:

  • Receiving and storing empty containers.
  • Handling containers.
  • Handling general cargo.
  • Truck and barge transporting.

Benefits of using our services:


  • As a deep-water port, LAIP can easily accommodates large vessels.
  • Always ready to meet the needs of fast loading and storing goods of customers with modern facilites and equipment.
  • LAIP is only 21 nautical miles from the pilot station in Vung Tau which reduce the maritime cost for vessels. Besides that, goods from LAIP can be transported easily to the Mekong Delta by truck or barge.
  • Professional and skillful staffs
  • BODs of Long An International Port has many years of experiences in port and logistics services
  • Providing the full package of port and logistics with competitive price that can help customers reduce cost and risk.
  • 24/7 Hotline to support customers: 1900 7068
  • Provide the full package of Port & Logistics Services with competitive price that can help customers reduce the logistics cost.

Facilities and Equipment in Phase 1


  • Area: 41ha.
  • Length of wharf: 420m, includes 2 wharfs: Berth No.1 (LAIP-01)  was completed with 210m long, construction of Berth No.2 (LAIP-02) with 210m long started in September 2017 and is expected to be completed in Q3 of 2018.
  • Depth in front: -12.3m.
  • Vessel accommodation:
    • + Berth No.1 (LAIP-01): 30,000 DWT vessel with maximum length of 190m.

    • + Berth No.2 (LAIP-02): 50,000 DWT vessel with maximum length of 230m.

  • 2,000 DWT barge docks
  • Container and bulk yard.
  • Weighbridge : 3 weighbridges of 80 tons .
  • Average loading capacity of the port is 3.500MT / day and depending on customer requirements.


  • 1 shore crane: Liebherr; lifting capacity: 40 tons under hook; able to handle container or break-bulk cargo
  • Reach Stackers: Lifting Capacity: 45 tons
  • Forklifts: Lifting Capacity (Ton): 2.5/5/7/16/25
  • Grab buckets: 5 (4 units: 7m³; 1 unit: 10m³)
  • Hoppers: 4 (3 units: 40m³; 1 unit: 60m³)