Leaders of Dongtam Group and OPASCOR witnessed the Letter of Intent signing ceremony between Long An International Port, Vietnam, and Oriental Port and Allied Services Corporation (OPASCOR), Philippines, on the afternoon of March 21, 2024.

On the afternoon of March 21, 2024, during the Philippine Ports and Logistics 2024 Conference and Exhibition, Long An International Port, Vietnam, and Oriental Port and Allied Services Corporation (OPASCOR), Philippines, identified opportunities for collaboration and development. They officially formalized their relationship by signing a Letter of Intent for future cooperation. Participating as a Speaker at the Philippine Ports and Logistics 2024 Conference and Exhibition, Long An International Port left a lasting impression on the international attendees for its investment scale, vision, development strategy, potential integration into the logistics chain and Southern region’s maritime port, while promoting economic and social development in the Mekong Delta Region.


Department of Transportation Undersecretary Elmer U. Sarmiento delivered a speech at the Philippine Ports & Logistics Conference on March 20, 2024.

The Philippine Ports & Logistics Conference and Exhibition is organized in coordination with the Philippine Department of Transportation and the support of the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority and Port Authorities, the Philippine Ports Authority, and the ASEAN Ports Association. This biennial event, the largest in the region for the East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP EAGA), takes place over three days from March 19th to 21st, 2024 in Manila, Philippines, with over 350 delegates including high-level government officials, industry leaders, businesses, shipping companies, experts, and suppliers from ASEAN countries and neighboring regions attending.

The highlight of the event is the presentations by 35 reputable speakers from various countries and leading businesses in the industry, focusing on key topics such as cost reduction, digitalization, and carbon emission reduction in the end-to-end supply chain, addressing current issues and challenges that the transportation and logistics sector in the region must face. Additionally, there were exhibition spaces featuring international shipping companies, logistics service providers, ports, road and rail transport, information technology, and comprehensive solutions for supply chain networks.

Department of Transportation Undersecretary Elmer U. Sarmiento commends the development potential of logistics in Long An Province and Long An International Port.

As part of the Conference, the booth of Long An International Port attracted a significant number of delegates who came to explore, learn, exchange ideas, and express their interest in networking. In particular, Undersecretary Mr. Elmer Francisco U. Sarmiento recognized and conveyed strong appreciation of the potential for logistics development in Long An Province overall, and specifically in Long An International Port. Undersecretary Sarmiento highlighted that the port has the capability to effectively integrate with the regional transportation system. He emphasized that its substantial investment, comprehensive equipment, and diverse cargo handling capacity will deliver optimal services for import and export activities in the region. Usecretary Sarmiento directly shared these insights with delegates at the Long An International Port booth.




On March 20, 2024, Philippine Department of Transportation Undersecretary Elmer U. Sarmiento, visited the exhibition booth and took commemorative photos with the leaders of Long An International Port.


The exhibition booth of Long An International Port at the Philippine Ports and Logistics Conference & Exhibition attracted a large number of delegates to visit and explore collaboration opportunities.

The speaker from Long An International Port left a remarkable impression.

The conference brought forth engaging topics for the international port and logistics community. On March 20th, the DOIr Forum provided exclusive insights into current challenges, opportunities, and future strategies in transforming the Philippine transportation industry to global standards. Topic 2 focused on port development, investment opportunities, and smart port initiatives in BIMP EAGA and ASEAN regions.

Long An International Port stood out prominently with its presentation on “Initiatives of Long An International Port for the Economic and Logistics Development of Vietnam’s Southern Key Economic Region.” On March 21, 2024, discussions revolved around the establishment of sustainable green ports and reducing carbon emissions, along with optimizing port operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs for container terminals, yards, and bulk cargo handling.MSNGUY1

Ms. (Maggie) Nguyen Thi My Ngoc, Sales Director of Long An International Port, speaking at the Philippine Ports and Logistics Conference & Exhibition on March 20, 2024.

As a new port in the maritime community, Long An International Port is continuously striving to connect with ports in the region and around the world, promoting the image of Vietnam to international friends. Participating in important discussions and sharing initiatives at this conference, Long An International Port has affirmed its position as a recognized and acknowledged international port in Asia.


The sharing session from the representative of Long An International Port.

Signing the Letter of Intent between Long An International Port and OPASCOR opens up opportunities for cooperation to enhance trade and import-export connectivity between the two localities, aiming for sustainable development.

The Letter of Intent signing ceremony took place in the presence of leaders from Dongtam Group and Long An International Port represented by Mr. Vo Quoc Thang, Chairman of Dongtam Group, and Mr. Tomas Riveral, Chairman and CEO of OPASCOR, along with senior leaders from both ports.

The signing ceremony marks a significant milestone towards formalizing the sisterhood relationship between the two key ports in the ASEAN region, opening up opportunities for cooperation, sharing experiences in port management and operations, market connectivity to enhance import-export cargo throughput, with the goal of sustainable development and promoting global trade.


Mr. Vo Quoc Huy, Chairman of Long An Port JSC (on the right) and Mr. Tomas Riveral, Chairman and CEO of OPASCOR (on the left) after signing the Letter of Intent.

Mr. Vo Quoc Huy, Chairman of Long An Port JSC, shares the strategic vision and long-term cooperation aspirations of Long An International Port with OPASCOR. “We aspire to establish and nurture a strong cooperative relationship with the leadership of OPASCOR. As neighboring countries in the ASEAN region, Long An International Port seeks to foster cooperation opportunities between the two ports and the business communities of both localities, thereby building beautiful relationships for the future, co-development, and sharing and learning in port operation and management activities.”


Long An International Port and OPASCOR had a meeting and working session, initiating open discussions on the same day.

Mr. Tomas Riveral shares: “We are very excited about the emergence of Long An International Port, a new player in the maritime and logistics industry in the region. OPASCOR is a port formed and operated by Filipino workers, under the supervision of the local port authority. We always strive for further development and are particularly delighted to connect and collaborate with partners like Long An International Port. We will arrange a visit to Vietnam at the earliest opportunity for more specific discussions, and we hope that the cooperative relationship between the two parties will continue to grow.”

Previously, Long An International Port had signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Port of Long Beach and Port of Oakland (USA), both renowned and prestigious ports worldwide. Signing with OPASCOR will bring mutual benefits and cooperative activities in areas of common interest, including commitments to develop smart ports, green ports, and sustainable development. This will be an opportunity for Long An International Port on its journey to become an internationally recognized and preferred port in Asia.

Visiting large-scale ports in Manila, Philippines.

As part of the program, delegates visited large-scale ports in Manila on March 19, 2024, organized by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). This is considered the largest domestic and international maritime gateway of the Philippines, handling cargo volumes to and from many countries worldwide. According to PPA’s report, in 2022, the Port of Manila achieved a throughput of 7.9 million TEUs and handled 260 million metric tons of cargo across all terminals.


On March 19, 2024, the Leadership Board of Long An International Port visited and worked at Northport – a modern inland port in Manila, Philippines.


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