Team Pic

The Long An International Port football team and passionate fans at Le Football City stadium.

Combining employee volunteerism, community-building, and sports, Long An International Port fielded its operations team to play for charity at Saturday’s football carnival organized by the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (SSCV) Supply Chain Sub-Committee.  The event held on 30 March 2024 at the Le Football City in Ho Chi Minh City gathered business leaders, soccer enthusiasts, and community advocates for the benefit of SSCV’s EdFund which provides the educational support of underprivileged students.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce Vietnam’s EdFund (Educational Fund) was established in the early 1990s to provide financial assistance to needy students that excel in their studies. To date, the Fund has raised a total of US$ 428,000 and supported the education needs of over 3,000 students from primary to tertiary education levels in various provinces across Vietnam.

Team Pic

The opening match of the group stage between opponents GEMALINK (in white) and Long An International Port (in red) at the Edfun Soccer Carnival 2024 event organized by SCCV.

The event brings together the business community with a shared goal of supporting educational development. Long An International Port, besides participating in the tournament with the aim of contributing to the fund, also seeks to convey meaningful, humanitarian messages and foster community cohesion for sustainable development.

Gian Hang

The booth of Long An International Port at the event

Having navigated through thrilling and riveting matches, Long An International Port has advanced past several adversaries, securing a commendable top 8 finish among the 48 competing teams. This outcome stands as a source of delight and pride for both the Long An International Port team and the company’s workforce at large.

At the event, Long An International Port had the opportunity to meet, interact, and experience meaningful moments with other businesses and teams participating in the tournament.

Some orther highlights:

Tran Dau Tran Dau

Beautiful moments in the match against UOB.

Ban Thang Ban Thang Ban Thang Ban Thang

The breathtaking goals from Long An International Port players.

Cuu Thua Cuu Thua

The breathtaking saves by goalkeeper Nguyễn Thanh Phong of Long An International Port.

Mung Chien ThangMung Chien Thang

The players and fans ecstatic after the thrilling comeback victory of 2-1 in the round of 16 qualifier against Thai Binh Shoes – TBS.

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