Clearing the way for your cargo

We help ensure that your cargo is smoothly carried to the next point and support you in avoiding administrative delays, penalties and hassles from navigating customs procedures and processes.

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We offer:

Customs clearance

We help you in filing all the proper documents related to your shipment and even give extra assistance by advancing payment for duties & taxes to ensure that there will be no unnecessary delays.

Customs and tax consulting

We have licensed and well-trained customs experts ready to provide you advice regarding the proper interpretation and handling of government regulations and documentary requirements. We provide you options and solutions to choose from.

Customer Benefits

Dedicated team and proven methods for handling customs
Experienced consultants to advice for specific scenarios
Full-package special pricing
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Through our experienced and dedicated team, customers are ensured of responsive solutions to difficult situations related to customs and taxation policies. Our managers have more than 10 years of experience and consistently keep abreast of new regulatory updates. Customers can get the latest information and advice regarding import-export procedures for special commodities and tax exemptions.

Customers are also able to take advantage of the special offer when using our full package of port and logistics services, which means lesser effort in managing multiple vendors.

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